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Why wireframe with HotGloo?

Good software doesn’t need to be complex. That's why HotGloo is really intuitive and easy to use. You will feel at home immediately.
Wireframe in real-time with your team to get work done even faster and communicate with your co-workers via the built in chat function to avoid distraction.
Work on your projects wherever you are and whenever you want. Your account is accessible 24/7, regardless which operating system or browser you are using.
Good UX is all about interactions. Link elements to pages in your sitemap or set up different user scenarios with states, viewstacks and much more.

Who will enjoy wireframing with HotGloo?

UX Folks
Take your mockups from low-fidelity wireframing to high-fidelity prototyping. Annotate, iterate and share your work with others.
Wireframe before you design. Focus on a websites architecture before you are thinking about color, shades and transmissions.
IT People
Wireframe before you code and set up documentations within your wireframes for further development steps.
Now you can take part in the creative process: review, annotate and deliver feedback whilst a project is evolving
The Latest of HotGloo
19. Feb 2015 - Posted by Wolf Becvar
New wireframe editor coming soon

For those of you who haven’t read our latest newsletter yet we’ve added the news about the new editor version to our blog. We’ve got a new wireframe editor completely built in HTML coming soon.

If online help, a straightforward interface and a nice, cosy atmosphere were the markers to perfect wireframe software, then HotGloo would romp home with every title. In fact, HotGloo delivers on every front, with object selection about as easy as you could imagine, as well as a host of other features which should make your wireframing life a whole lot easier.

Thomas Watson, .Net Magazine

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