Looking for a new prototyping tool?

HotGloo - A new breed of prototype software

HotGloo has been designed for the creation of interactive prototypes , and is intended for use in web projects to help visualize planning processes, co-work with team members, coordinate website contents with clients, and provide a precise framework for designers and coders.

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Why this prototype software is tailored for you?

HotGloo is web-based, and therefore platform and terminal independent. The application stands out for its intuitive design and high standard of interactivity. The focus is set on collaboration. With HotGloo it's possible for several users to work on one project at the same time. Unless other prototype tools our environment is simple and intuitive and requires a low learning curve for its use.

Who is using this prototype software?

A tool to create both prototypes and wireframes that has been designed with a low learning curve in mind and for everyone involved in web and mobile projects. So whether you are a project manager, an information architect, a UX expert or working with a small project group or a large agency - this prototype software is tailored for you.

how does hotgloo compare to other tools?