Create responsive wireframes with HotGloo.

Why creating responsive wireframe layouts?

Responsive wireframing is an approach aimed at planning an optimal user experience — easy reading and easy navigating with a minimum of resizing and scrolling — across a wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors all the way to mobile phone screens. Responsive wireframing is a concept that helps thinking through responsive behaviour before any design comes into play.

responsive wireframing and setting up breakpoints and different screen views
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Why responsive wireframing?

  • set up different screen views
  • define your breakpoints
  • visualize the responsive flow
  • think through and test your user interface
  • get non-tech savvy clients aboard
  • collaborate with others in real-time
  • initial preview of the interactive wireframes
  • improves your communication with developemnt
  • experience the responsive flow

Who creates responsive wireframes with HotGloo?

"HotGloo is perfect for testing ideas out. It's simple enough to setup a flow and see what happens, which ultimately allows the project to get better quicker. If only HotGloo came out in the late 90's the internet would be ten times better than it is today."
Mark Unger, Director of Interactive/Partner, Push

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