HotGloo is much more than “just” wireframing.

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HotGloo provides every user interface element needed to design great ineractive & responsive wireframes and prototypes. From a wide range of pre build UI widgets from our Widget Library to full accessible icon sets including 15000+ icons.

Full UI Element List

Over 2000 elements, icons and widgets is what makes HotGloos libary one of the most comprehensive ones out there. Choose between standard interface elements or use the growing Widget Library for your work.

Responsive Wireframing

With HotGloo responsive wireframing is becoming really easy. Just add your preferred breakpoints (standard, tablet, iPad, mobile, custom) in the responsive menu and start optimizing your layouts accordingly.

Pre-built UI Stencils

Apart from its huge user interface element library, HotGloo offers a growing number of UI widgets in its Widegt Library. There you will find UI components such as iPhone and iPad elements, sign-up forms, fly-out menus and much more.

Good UX is all about interactions

HotGloo is all about interactions, boosting the user experience of your future website or web project. Use your best judgment depending on your client, project phase and project goals. HotGloo lets you finally experience not only how your project is going to look like but also how it is going to behave.

Master Elements

With the help of Masters you can create reusable templates used throughout your account. You can add Masters to any page as a Module (fluid: e.g. search boxes, login panels) or a Template (fixed location: e.g. headers, footers, menus).

Smart Elements

The Viewstack, Accordion and Tab elements are some of the smartest UI elements out there. They are fully interactive and behave like chameleons, adapting to their surrounding by switching views on certain firing events.


With states you can define different user roles and tie elements to them via the observer function. Why you are going to need this? Let's say you want to demo how a signed in user is experiencing a different content than a visitor.

Collaborate in teams and get projects done even faster

HotGloo is entirely web-based which means you can join forces. Just add your coworkers or clients to your account, assign them as Editors or Reviewers and collaborate together in real-time to get projects done even faster.

Team Collaboration

Depending on your account you can invite as many co-workers as you want and collaborate in real-time. You will be constantly notified what the rest of your team is working on.

Client Review

You can also add your clients. Let them review, annotate and experience a work in progress. Or send them a previewlink to keep them updated constantly.

Gather Feedback

Use the built in communication system by gathering feedback. Leave notes with further ideas for developers or designers, delivered right to their dashboard and in addition to their email inbox.

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