Wireframe creation with HotGloo.

Create wireframes and prototypes.

Are you looking for a new software to create wireframes and prototypes? With HotGloo you don't have to make up your mind before you are signing up. At HotGloo we offer a free trial so you have plenty of time to see what HotGloo offers and if this tool is for you. We also offer a broad range of video tutorials, a getting started with wireframing guide, premade UI stencils and much much more. It's really easy to build your first wireframe project in almost no time.

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Why wireframing with HotGloo?

  • total flexibility
  • nothing to download
  • nothing to install
  • nothing to maintain
  • automatic software updates
  • work from anywhere
  • collaborate in real-time
  • initial preview of your working prototype
  • interactive wireframing
  • shared UI stencil library
  • document control
  • organize your team in 1 account
  • link up with third party tools like Basecamp, Asana ...
  • only 1 account needed for your whole company
  • increased security

Ready to become a wireframe ninja?

A tool to create wireframes that has been designed with a low learning curve in mind and for everyone involved in web and mobile projects. So whether you are a project manager, an information architect, a UX expert or working with a small project group or a large agency - this wireframe software is tailored for you.

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