The HotGloo Manifesto

We love the web. We love to build software. We believe in user centric design and best usability. We want our products to be intuitive, smart and good looking. We respect our users and treat them in the same way we want to be treated. We take feedback seriously, because we believe in the power of the crowd. We think great isn’t just good enough which is why we work hard to make our products better, every single day. We team up to pool our resources.

We are HotGloo and we believe that our software will change the web to a better place.

Hannes is the godfather, the heart and soul of HotGloo. He does all the coding and is in charge of the technical stuff. He is a real whiz and always pushing the latest technologies. Rumor says he never sleeps.

Wolf is the communication activist and brand evangelist of HotGloo. If you are talking to HotGloo, you are very likely talking to him. Besides living on the net, he loves loud music, riding his bike around harbor cities and traveling the world.