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“HotGloo has been an amazing compliment to our design flow - from creating high fidelity wireframes to prototyping responsive websites, HotGloo has been an invaluable asset in our designer's toolbox. Moving forward, we will be using HotGloo for all of our wireframing and prototyping needs.”
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“The strategy for the Academy Awards was a complex balance of ad sponsored revenue, content creation, gamification, and a clean user interface. Wireframes played a critical role because the team at the Academy was building the back end from a pre-existing CMS and we were constructing the front end.

We detailed and created thorough annotations utilizing the live prototyping tool HotGloo, which allowed us to make rapid progress and keep everyone on the same page.”

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“Working with HotGloo has been a dream come true. Our projects finally can come to life in the most important stage, the wireframes. Getting an accurate feel for the interactivity of the site is one of the most important aspects of any interactive project and HotGloo makes it easy and accurate.”
“As a curated app store, we constantly test and review wireframing tools available on the market. Among all the options available, only HotGloo got our highest rating -- while it is very easy to use, it includes every advanced featured a user may be looking for. We count HotGloo among our must-have web apps!”
“Why we use HotGloo? When creating websites, communication with clients is vital. HotGloo is a wonderful tool that helps us to efficiently create a clear and intuitive picture of the information architecture for our clients.”
“As a digital agency we are working on a wide range of UX projects and are using HotGloo as our preferred wireframing tool for several years now. It’s the interplay of great flexibility and predefined functional standard UI elements which makes wireframing with hotgloo efficient and fun.”
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